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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

where's the mayo? right here. my ultimate marc m. post.

here we have THE MUSIC
or here i dont know

ever since a scholar bought me a pop'n'lock-ness monster shirt, i have had sick animation merchandise



here is me (not really) wearing SA merch. i also got a pen and a sticker with the deal.

i want more but the shirt i REALLY want also leads to a cartoon ft the N word.
so does that mean i REAALY want the N-word too? u betch!! i want it so i can have it, and smash it in a smash compactor!

here  are special links to a cartoon i thought was really funny by marc m that no one i know is able to laugh at
not sure why i put so much effort into that

here are the actual secret pics of our big hero
he  is very reclusive and secret and doesnt like to get photos because he is from LA and believes in vudu
look at those cunning eyes. that skin

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  1. Hey i been a huge SA fan since 2001 or 2002, i forget, somewhere around that time. Love seeing the pics of marc, other than the cover of the second album, i hadnt seen any of the others.


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