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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

vocaloid tuesday 253 - Evillious Chronicles

thanks to yogurt for making the post this is based off of at vocahou!

i guess the song might be catchy
Rank ⇧27(NEW): 花束P(hanatabaP) | Gumi - ばいばいスカイブルー | (baibai sukaiburu- [Byebye Sky Blue])

does this song go anywhere?
Rank ⇧26(NEW): AVTechNO!(AVTechNO!) | Luka & Len - LIMITER | (LIMITER)

 im starting to like gakupo. he sounds funny.
there is something about his overly dramatic delivery that is actually endeering. he sounds very tortured.
Rank ⇧24(NEW): natsuP(SCL Project)(natsuP(SCL Project)) | Gakupo(Power) & Gakupo - 太陽の絆 | (taiyou no kizuna [Solar Bond]) ②③

Rank ⇧22(NEW): つなまる(tsunamaru) | Miku - Gerbera | (Gerbera)

more gakupo!
Rank ⇧20(NEW): natsuP(SCL Project)(natsuP(SCL Project)) | Gakupo(Power & Whisper) - Le rouge est amour | (Le rouge est amour) ②③

gakupo POWA! it was his birthday btw.
this song is actually kinda powerful itself. might check this-P
Rank ⇧16(NEW): natsuP(SCL Project)(natsuP(SCL Project)) | Gakupo & Gakupo(Power & Whisper) - imperfect flower | (imperfect flower) ②③

 OOH! another strong one! funny how the unique ones strike you.
Rank ⇧12(NEW): やいり(yairi) | Gumi(Power?) - 心裏×Иavigation | (shinri×Иavigation [Mind×Иavigation])

 lol awesome and fine
Rank ⇧10(NEW): OSTER project(OSTER project) | Rin(append: All?) & Len(append: All?) - ドロッセルの剣 | (dorosseru no ken [Sword Of Drossel])

pretty good
Rank ⇧9(NEW): ひとしずくP(hitoshizukuP) & やま△(yama△) | Rin & Len - おおかみは赤ずきんに恋をした | (ookami wa akazukin ni koiwoshita [The Wolf Fell In Love With The Red Riding Hood])

also good
Rank ⇧8(46): PolyphonicBranch(PolyphonicBranch) | Miku - 妄想ジェネレータ | (mousou jenere-ta [Fantasy Generator])

 this one is apparently part of a huge ongoing series mentioned in the post title
pretty crazay
Rank ⇧7(NEW): mothy(悪ノP)(mothy(akunoP)) | Meiko - 魔女ザルムホーファーの逃亡 | (majo zarumuho-fa- no toubou [The Escape Of Salmhofer The Witch]) ④

also enjoyable
what the hell is going on??!
Rank ⇧6(NEW): 椎名もた(ぽわぽわP)(shiinamota(powapowaP)) | Gumi - 夢のまにまに | (yume no manimani [Dream As You Please])

 these types

Rank ⇧5(NEW): 梨本うい(nashimotoui) | Miku - 過呼吸ダンス | (kakokyuu dansu [Hyperventilation Dance])
Rank ⇧4(NEW): ラヴリーP(ravuri-P) | Miku - BRIGHT RAiN -Another mix.- | (BRIGHT RAiN -Another mix.-) ①

aww this song is pretty
-- koyori(電ポルP)(koyori(denporuP)) | Miku - blue blue blue | (blue blue blue) - denporuP~♥


-- アキバヲタP(akibawotaP) | Neko - 黒猫のサスペンス | (kuroneko no sasupensu [The Blackcat's Suspence]) - oooh look~ engrish!

no subs
but i do love this song, or at least the verses
-- M@SATOSHI(あルカP)(M@SATOSHI(arukaP)) | Luka & Gakupo - My World | (My World)

---------------END OF HITOry---------

top 3

nice and strong cool
Rank ⇧1(NEW): kemu(kemu) | Gumi - カミサマネジマキ | (kamisama nejimaki [God Spiral Winding])

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