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Thursday, August 23, 2012

vocaloid tuesday 255 - But In A Sexual Meaning

thanks again! looks like yogurt had some free time cus i got 2 posts to look at this week! good job yogurt!!
please check out vocahou to see where this comes from and where the hard work is done!

i feel that the jin era of dryness is fading slightly

wacky video time
Rank ⇧24(--): [MMD] 布袋ミクP(hoteimikuP) | Miku - バンビーナ | (banbi-na [Bambina])

didnt mention this last week cus i didnt see the title
Rank ⇩23(8): オワタP(owataP) | Haku - ただし性的な意味で | (tadashi seiteki na imi de [But In A Sexual Meaning])

 i am very interested in these videos but not the songs
Rank ⇧20(NEW): 3396(3396) | Miku - 雨と狼 | (ame to ookami [Rain And Wolf])
Rank ⇧19(NEW): [MMD] tomo(ネギバットP)(tomo(negibattoP)) | Gakupo - バックホーム! | (bakku ho-mu! [Back Home!]) ③
 mmd is funny
Rank ⇧15(NEW): [MMD] まゆたまP(mayutamaP) | Miku - 魔法の天使クリィミーマミ | (mahou no tenshi kurhimi- mami [Magical Angel Creamy Mami]) ④
 more cool video blah
 Rank ⇧12(NEW): cosMo(暴走P)(cosMo(bousouP) | Miku - 転生少女と転生少年 | (tensei shoujo to tensei shounen [Transmigration Girl And Transmigration Boy]) ①

 Rank ⇧76(NEW): [MMD] あな兄(anaani) | Miku(append : Dark?) - リフレインレイン | (rifurein rein [Refrain Rain])

 Rank ⇧8(124): KulfiQ(KulfiQ) | Miku - ルーゲルダ | (ru-geruda [Rugelda]) ⑦

raised an unnamed  feeling
Rank ⇧7(NEW): Junky(Junky) | Gumi - CLAP HIP CHERRY | (CLAP HIP CHERRY) ①

Rank ⇧5(NEW): SHO(キセノンP)(SHO(kisenonP)) | Miku & Rin - \チッ/10秒タイマー | (\chi/10byou taima- [\Chi/ 10 Seconds Timer]) ①

this song/picture combo  raised enough emotion to at least post here
Rank ⇧4(NEW): じん(自然の敵P)(jin(shizen no tekiP)) | Miku - Sky of Beginning | (Sky of Beginning)

Rank ⇧4(NEW): ゆよゆっぺ(yuyoyuppe) | Miku(append: ?) - カミノコトバ | (kami no kotoba [Word Of God]) ⑧

this song was tugging some emos
Rank ⇧3(NEW): buzzG(buzzG) | Miku - タイム・カプセル | (taimu・kapuseru [Time・Capsule])

and of course forever love to tokyo teddy bear
Rank ⇧1(41): Neru(Neru) | Rin(append: Warm?) - 東京テディベア | (toukyou tedei bea [Tokyo Teddy Bear]) ①

--------END OF ARSE-----------

 begin top 3 insanity

i think i like this song

Rank ⇧3(NEW): まらしぃ(marashii) | Rin - アマツキツネ | (amatsukitsune [Amatsukitsune]) ⑧

proper emotional tuggings
Rank ⇧2(NEW): すこっぷ(sukoppu) | Gumi - 夏の終わり、恋の始まり | (natsu no owari, koi no hajimari [The End Of Summer, The Beginning Of Romance])

super cool
Rank ⇧1(NEW): みきとP(mikitoP) | Gumi & Rin - いーあるふぁんくらぶ | (i-aru fan kurabu [One-Two Fan Club]) ⑩

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