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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Forever Young (rake)

mustard memories

Friday, May 21, 2010

idea 001

the next time i meet someone's parents, i wanna act all crazy.
say really rude shit to them and any of this friend's siblings.
then just run out the door and into the wild.
away from their house.

in this way, you can avoid having a relationship with people's parents.
nothing good ever comes from these.
all you get for being nice is sitting through really boring conversations or worse, family gatherings or meals. they might even ask you for favors.
this is to be avoided.

these people dont care about you. but they will use you without hesitation.
dont fall into the trap.

this goes for in-laws-to-be as well. especially so!
you will save yourself a lifetime of pain.
you might have to do 1 funeral. but thats it.

your friends might be mad at you for this.
but beauty part is: they will forgive you quickly because they know you're not usually a dick like this. 
and if they really hold a grudge, fuck them.
no-one should like their parents more than you.


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