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Friday, May 21, 2010

the REAL reason for global warming

the REAL reason for global warming is one click away....

yes its true.
the bacterian were never truly defeated.
after the defeat of their brainlord in the year 6660 by lord british and  3 brave viper pilots from the planet gradius, the remaining drones of bacterian went adrift in space. they entered a hibernation mode that allowed them to live on without the hive spiritual feeders online.
meanwhile, mankind rebuilt.
but without the great obelisks in place, they were unprotected from the feeding forces of gofer.
gofer was the unseen leader of planet salamander. after salamander's defeat, gofer began recharging with the negative spiritual energies emanating from the human worlds.
eventually he was able to create a new brainlord. but this time it was bigger and smarter. it had the ability to make thoughts! it was self aware and could strategize, rather than simply attack.
the bacterian were then reactivated and resumed their outward spread thought the galaxy.
the began converting new planets into bio monsters.
this allowed the creation of an immense new network of war planets.

the outermost defense of gofers empire is a cluster of raging suns. each one spewing hot lava and radiation into space at alarming rates. these suns are each populated by 6 fire dragons like the one that guarded salamander before. the mating activity of these dragons causes massive outbursts of radioactive starbursts for many parsecs.
this is the cause of the climate changes we are seeing on earth.

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