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Friday, April 23, 2010

colin blunstone. ultimate rainy day best happy mix

if u love the zombies, then u prolly like colin blunstone's voice.
i personally get a little drunk off of it.
that high british range, and then it drops down to the smoothest of tones in an instant.

he did a bunch of solo albums. a lot of typical early 70s singer/songwriter vibe.
there is a ton of stuff i thought was boring. but also a stack of brilliant numbers.
so i collected the gems into this zip.

here is my mix

i say rainy day here, but i've listened to this when its not raining and its still good.
its just that his overall sound lends itself to a certain mood.
theres some upbeat stuff. but none of it ever crosses into straight rockin.
it always has his '70s emo' voice, and what i've come to know as his signature melodies/progressions - many of which you can hear in the zombies as well.