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Monday, July 26, 2010

get to da choppa ceteREMIX

ispired by the shizz (as always) and of course 1 of my fav movies evar: predator

and this ytmnd posted by mig50 of phoenix

i made it a little more hi fi,
added some snare and kick to make it really danceable,
and looped it a million times because it should

get to da choppa ceteREMIX


Sunday, July 25, 2010

steve winwood ultimix


shizz inspired mix.
who's ready to dance.

too bad my i killed my gf

metal slug ulti-mix

i  made made this mix before my blog was the place to post stuff.

here you go . eric dude approved it so what are u waiting for

Friday, July 23, 2010

Silver Jews UltiMix


silver jews are a band i really dig. they are indie-alt-country i guess.
not too much to say here. i love how clever and original david berman's lyrics are. and i love his 'soulful' singing.

this mix puts up front, imo, their catchiest and most moving songs.

i have to thank andy and kali for getting me into this band years ago.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

why dont you try hard, huh?

i actually got to level 4 of donpachi today with 2 lives left. i'm getting a little better at it. level 4 is an onslaught though.

also for posterity

Friday, July 16, 2010

external combustion engine

the 'discuss' is just part of the funny


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hats off to hot topic!

the 'hot topic!' by my new place is closing and i haven't even been here that long. still got it i guess.

they are having a cracking sale until next saturday. the place looks like that one street in robocop where everybody is looting like crazy. then clarence pulls up with military weaponry and blows up his buddy's new car.

i bought this shirt for next to nothing just to take this pic.

i spoke with the staff and we found it prudent to have a little closing party for the place.
i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hope we do.

potato surprise

this is how a bachelor eats

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 prelim poster

today i've been really missing all the cool people that i met and observed in phoenix.
flame on, you cherry pop roxxors.

click for 'awesome res'

click awesome res.

girls have eyes in the back of their head

when you stare at the back of a chick's head, they can tell.
you know that right?
and if they think you're staring, they won't let you know.
they pretend like they don't notice you, but really they are aware of every moment your gaze is on them.

its not just good peripheral vision, they know when someone's looking - without seeing the looker.
they will usually verify their suspicion with a subtle side glance from time to time.

it's a strange phenomenon.
i believe it is a talent all girls share, but girls who get looked at more often, the stereotypical foxes, they are better at it.

i'm sure the  girls you know could elaborate, but they won't.
it's girls! mutant power.
and it's the most powerful of their many secrets.

it does have some weaknesses.
1. dark sunglasses
these dont make you immune, but once they see you have them, they will stop checking you as vigorously. it sort of diffuses them, i guess because they cant be 100% sure.
2. mirrors
amusingly enough, mirrors are a very effective trick here.
the girl will feel the stare, and even check you, but it will appear to them that you are looking in a different direction. you might even see them start to scan for hidden men.
but they don't usually check mirrors. if they happen to see the mirror and you, the jig is up.

the mirror phenomenon is interesting because it tells us that indeed it is not the sight of another's eyes in their field of vision. else, they would look right at the set of eyes in the mirror. but instead they look to the human whom they suspect must be looking.

wow, i started this a couple months ago just as some bullshit ryantific rantage.
then i read this.
its an actual paper on the subject! fairly extensive.

it presents quite a bit of evidence  about the phenomenon. animals and twins and 9 year old boys seem to be best at it.

however the conclusion was: inconclusive. the experiments could not prove that there was something going on that science has not accounted for ...yet.

i think i will continue doing my own experiments. staring at girls in the gas station. see how long it takes before they see what i look like and then instinctively run away.


From screencaps

Monday, July 12, 2010

castlevania X6800 music sample

you havent rocked to vampire killer this hard in a long time, buddy.

-i prefer this synth set to the one found on utube. FM FTW

-also i fucked with it to make it more blastable. for an accurate rip, check the internet

Monday, July 5, 2010

daryl hall - the street fighter!

hall and oates forever

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Total Recall nintendo remix

some craZy d00d made a remix of a song from the NES game totall recall

featuring mick jagger!

credit goes to curudagor aka titty bar for the idea

Friday, July 2, 2010

To catch a predator, Deus ex machina!

i often wonder what it would be like to get busted on TCAP.
i always feel so sorry for those pedophiles for some reason.
like, my mind isnt able to look at them through the glass of their implied crimes.
all i see is a lonely guy who gets completely humiliated.

trying to put myself in the pedo's shoes.

pondering the question: is there a cool way to go about getting caught on that show?

like, when you see chris hansen and you know the jig is up. is there a way to play it off that would make you the protagonist?

maybe just completely try to take control of the situation.
1st off, don't take any of his shit. he tries to alpha dog you so hard and he thinks he can get away with it every time.
i feel like it would really throw him off if you beat him in a battle of wits.

then you move to the kitchen where you avail yourself of the most expensive stuff they have.
i imagine the kitchen is stocked to some capacity so the pedos have something to do while the cameras and cops move in. if you could hook up some wine and even caviar, you would look like a smooth operator.

maybe even take it up a level and actually pull out your cocaine and spoon some up.
then slide over to the stereo and blast some bolton. you would definitely be starting to enjoy this date, however ill-fated it may be.

now, this whole time, chris is going to be talking at you. trying to frame you as a crazy person. don't let him. you have to talk to him. and keep it up.
say existential things. blow his and the audience's mind with the deepest stuff you can dig up.
give him questions but don't let him answer too elaborately. if he turns an answer into an insult to you.
you can belittle him by saying that you knew he wasn't cultured enough negotiate such a mental gymnastic.

but the good times will eventually end and they will move on you.
this is where you have to truly become raper james bond.

you are in a house surrounded by cops. and there are cops in the basement and 2nd floor.
there is also a beautiful girl upstairs who is their prisoner. she needs you, james. she's the innocent one in all this. someone has to pay and god help them if they think they are getting off clean. today is a good day to die. but first, there will flow rivers of red.

you move back to the kitchen where, whilst you were preparing your nosh, you also located all the kitchen materials that could be used to make a roaring fire. consult the internet for the exact recipes. i'm sure there are plenty.

if people are attempting to close in at this point,
you wield your concoction like an absolute loon and put everyone on their guard.
the next step is to open the back door wide. but don't leave. there are still cops there.
now you make your fire right in that doorway.

now back into the house. cops may be entering the front now.
now carefully pull out your pistol. (you wouldn't do anything illegal whilst unarmed, right?)

hold your pistol at ease; pointing at the ceiling with arm bent. the gun should be parallel to your head.
if you look like you are pointing the gun at a cop, you will die. game over.
but having it out like this will cause them to halt their advance. they will be telling you to drop the weapon. do not respond.

this next part is hard.
you are going upstairs.
there are 2 cops upstairs. 3 at the most.
you might see one as you climb. shoot him or her in the brain.
at the top of the stairs, you have a good spot to cover and take out the next very surprised cop.
at the same time cover your back by shooting down the stairs.
yell 'nobody come up here, i  just need to think. i wont hurt anybody'

use cover and stealth to find any remaining cops on this floor and efficiently murder them.

your prize is waiting in the bathroom.
hold out your hand to her. when she takes it, bend down and kiss hers.
then beckon her to hop on your back. she will.
tell her to play along.

yell 'i'm coming down'
you need to hold behind her head with your free hand.
and point the gun at her head with the other.
yell 'nobody try anything, and she lives'

carefully make your way to the back door.
magically, the fire has been  extinguished. all the cops back there have moved to the front of the building.
you are free to run out there, put your princess down and steal one of the idling cop cars.

now that would be a good episode.