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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

flava crissles

ima sell meth and call it flava crissles

Thursday, June 3, 2010

band name 001

free crack no cops

...put a couple of those flyers up the day of the show + you will play before 200 people

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

singers: quit

*this post is mainly about people with big catchy hit songs*

i hate it when singers cant hit their own high notes live.

yea, i know theres like 20 reasons why this cant always happen.
but i think the only real excuse is having a temporary throat problem.

why is this such a big deal?

most people go to your shows to hear a couple songs.
within those songs, is something like a magical chorus, where on the album or radio, there was a hair-raising vocal recording; one that often pushed the singer's limits. but the result was a timeless singalong.

essentially, people are coming to the show to feel that hair stand up in a sublime way. to feel those notes coming out of you into them. it really is wonderful to behold when it happens.

so when you can't or won't hit these key notes, you are cheating the fans out of their greatest wish.
they might not have even watched your show if they knew ahead of time that you couldnt deliver this simple thing.

you singers think you can fool people with a well-placed falsetto, or singing an alternate melody a bit lower in the scale.
sometimes you  have a backup singer do it and you harmonize or improv over them. this method is not as horrible because at least the notes will be sung and heard. but this method still sucks if you like to take in to the live recordings.

they audience notices it, and a black mark is made in their mind. a betrayal.
most people won't have enough musical experience to know exactly why, but they know something is off.

but its not a deal-breaker for them. and this is what you bank on. you gave them a show. you gave them a bunch of songs where you did hit the notes. just not the ones you faked on the record.