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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

new poster PUNK SHOT!

i made this humdinger today at work in secret.
props to norrin radd for showing this to housethegrate and house for showing me this game at shervfest.

so when's the ecs tournament? 


Friday, November 20, 2009

queen II

i was thinking about the fairy feller's master stroke today in the shower, as i sometimes do.

how cool would it be to be a 'tinker' for a living.
"oh thats willy the tinker's house. he a funny old tinker. likes to invent all kinds of niknaks. fixed my grampa's clock once too."

i used to be in a hard rapcore metal band.
a man named jason tinker was the singer.
we did slipknot covers in 1999.
i think that was within the acceptable window.
i wonder if his family used to be tinkers centuries ago.

i also really like the fact that playing piano can be called 'tinkling'

then i found this. holy shit thats a cool painting. but this wizard is fucking intense.i dont remember him from the song.

From MY

if anyone knows what 'osler' is referrring to in the song, please leave a comment.

i found the him in the painting, but why is he the osler? sounds like a forgotten profession. but the name is still around today. yea i only googled it for like 5 minutes.

Monday, November 16, 2009

2 mismatched couples songs mp3s

-the tender song  that plays when-  i wont spoil it.
-my own kinda lame edit of the intro dance supernova sequence

these have been edited and eq'd by me. but only the tender song was done with good headphones.
i'd like to give the intro another go at some point. add some more sections. fix the tempo shifts...

what a brilliant movie this is. the dance moves are unrivaled. the music is hilarious and yet top excellent quality.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

weeaboo post: combustible campus guardress screencaps

the unfinished weeaboo creed:
all things i pledge now do be will name the in of japanties.
i learn minimal nihongo language to impress my friends who are very soft soft people.
like frozen yogurt.

i saw this anime recently. it was decent.
it blew my mind because so many elements were the same as rosario vampire which we had just finished. i had no idea of this before we watched these back 2 back. so the synchronicity was pretty heavy. this show is from 1994ish whereas rosario is from 2007

From screencaps
more after the jump, click ENGAGE!
i'm new. blogger is weird.

Saturday, November 14, 2009 is fucking awesome

//////////get on this forum
its the best
if you like music and video games

best instrumental music ever

i dont want to name names, cus i dont want to take this post down ever.
the name is in the tags.
my quote from

i have come into posession of something so grand.
a 1.3 gig collection of music that is on the level of t-square, casiopea, ymo, and rust in peace.
i googled it and basically it doesnt exist. or at least in the name i have.
to unleash it on the shizz would be an accomplishment for mankind.
the bands reference is kind of a shizz thing.
but seriousy, this music is top notch.
it ranges from epic lulz to just plain epic.

each link will be another cd-rom worth of tunes.


fat chiptune pack

download here i hope

these are special chippies that you cant easily find.
unless you are the type that continually puts yourself at risk for viri
for the good of the internet

these are all in various mod formats.
so get either xmplay or a billion trackers
or some decent plugins for winamp

more info here

Friday, November 13, 2009

kanye and cute kids auto tune PARTY MIX mp3 !

i edited a version and made it loud.
its high quality somehow.

i love this song.

i hope this link works