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Friday, November 20, 2009

queen II

i was thinking about the fairy feller's master stroke today in the shower, as i sometimes do.

how cool would it be to be a 'tinker' for a living.
"oh thats willy the tinker's house. he a funny old tinker. likes to invent all kinds of niknaks. fixed my grampa's clock once too."

i used to be in a hard rapcore metal band.
a man named jason tinker was the singer.
we did slipknot covers in 1999.
i think that was within the acceptable window.
i wonder if his family used to be tinkers centuries ago.

i also really like the fact that playing piano can be called 'tinkling'

then i found this. holy shit thats a cool painting. but this wizard is fucking intense.i dont remember him from the song.

From MY

if anyone knows what 'osler' is referrring to in the song, please leave a comment.

i found the him in the painting, but why is he the osler? sounds like a forgotten profession. but the name is still around today. yea i only googled it for like 5 minutes.

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