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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

girls have eyes in the back of their head

when you stare at the back of a chick's head, they can tell.
you know that right?
and if they think you're staring, they won't let you know.
they pretend like they don't notice you, but really they are aware of every moment your gaze is on them.

its not just good peripheral vision, they know when someone's looking - without seeing the looker.
they will usually verify their suspicion with a subtle side glance from time to time.

it's a strange phenomenon.
i believe it is a talent all girls share, but girls who get looked at more often, the stereotypical foxes, they are better at it.

i'm sure the  girls you know could elaborate, but they won't.
it's girls! mutant power.
and it's the most powerful of their many secrets.

it does have some weaknesses.
1. dark sunglasses
these dont make you immune, but once they see you have them, they will stop checking you as vigorously. it sort of diffuses them, i guess because they cant be 100% sure.
2. mirrors
amusingly enough, mirrors are a very effective trick here.
the girl will feel the stare, and even check you, but it will appear to them that you are looking in a different direction. you might even see them start to scan for hidden men.
but they don't usually check mirrors. if they happen to see the mirror and you, the jig is up.

the mirror phenomenon is interesting because it tells us that indeed it is not the sight of another's eyes in their field of vision. else, they would look right at the set of eyes in the mirror. but instead they look to the human whom they suspect must be looking.

wow, i started this a couple months ago just as some bullshit ryantific rantage.
then i read this.
its an actual paper on the subject! fairly extensive.

it presents quite a bit of evidence  about the phenomenon. animals and twins and 9 year old boys seem to be best at it.

however the conclusion was: inconclusive. the experiments could not prove that there was something going on that science has not accounted for ...yet.

i think i will continue doing my own experiments. staring at girls in the gas station. see how long it takes before they see what i look like and then instinctively run away.

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