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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

vocaloid tuesday 18 - as fuck


"the red shoes"

i wasnt gonna get this mp3 but then i saw the P name was... "r y"



oh daniwell, were u really the guy who started nyan cat? no american knows who you are but you changed all of our lives. you poor sweet stupid soul

"double encore"

"dominant members scherzo"
sung by len, the ever growing on me little boy

up from rank 115 its new to us! (because this blog mainly covers the top 30 to remind you "new readers" lololololol)

i hope this song is about shitty band members who suck!

this is a new one from awesome and mysterious bocaroido group WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY
the actual producer being unknown to me

"dust dust curse"
sung by IA

this might be catchy? its sure funny

sung by IA

raia lol

pretty video


aww i really like this one!

"RE: self recycle"


did amano make the art?

"let me hear the song"

yay sadcore

live vocal version is out too but whatevs

"spoofing gengar"

i am down with this

"cat ear archive"


nothing i feel like posting! yay


334 enemies is #3 now, but no sub yet

"heart democracy"

epic hugs, lonliness, crazy pitch bending
what else be there in life?

love hero again up from #3

this week went much smoother than usual with less stuff for me to process and a couple strong tracks which i can enjoy in my car later!


personal pickup from the great yogurt

i hardly ever like her taste :)


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