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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

vocaloid tuesday 15 - asobi seksu on the beach

thanks to yogurt for not yelling at me after i copy/paste some of here typings

do i like this song?

"artificial fantasia"

wait what

"i've come to eat the rice set meal"

omg this could be the best with subs
Pick-Up: rank ⇧53(--): イントロP(intoroP) | Luka & Kaito - Cocktail and Lovers' Night

"devoted human being is not a ble to become a kind hearted person"


-------------historic-------TRYING ALL WITH SUBS:
#5 1 year ago
"monocross road"
this is a shit cover but it has subs


bad video but with subs

origi cool video

"risky game"

"delusion sketch"



#2 "cat's dance"
the intro really got me

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  1. several great selections this week-best in a while...and timely too!


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