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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

vocaloid tuesday 17 - you and me in japan

"334 enemies"

why is gumi whisper not so much whisper but just generally good sounding. i still think gumi is the most realistic

"chimera no.666"

up from rank 85 - it's new to us, lol


"prism hourglass"

"emergency bell ringing nonstop"

"cyber thunder cider"

im pretty sure this song aint new, but i cant find any info on it or when i even heard before

maybe the difference is its a gumi and Akiko? duet now


quote from yogurt/vocaran:
Rank 14: daniwellP(daniwellP) | Miku
- meuniere's both a sauce, and a method of preparation primarily for fish
- more info on wiki(JP | EN)
- parts like 1:04~1:14, me likes~ ;D
- there's a link for the flash version of this song "here"


last weeks pickup now realized:
"shining ray"

"human life's not equal"

another new DEADBALL-p!

very exciting to finally be a part of a deadball album slowly releasing over the course of a year like i assumed was done for the other albums

what do i think of the 2 new songs so far? not sure!

"hi fi raver"

ive been having trouble getting on the easy-pop train but the clip i heard of this has a cute beat

------HISTOLIC---------- one year ago, originality was released!

"delusion sketch"
w subs
i already posted this right?

no subs

"like dislike"
a classic i missed
w subs

w subs

this reminds me of my friend rei who i miss <3

-----back to present----

and wow!
thats a cool picture

"love hero"
by Last Note

"do rei mi fa rondo"


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