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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

vocaloid tuesday 14 - hachoo

i declare this week my official 1st anniversary of starting to follow the rankings!

to celebrate:

"renevous from the star of maid"

"important friend"

seriously thats the title

mr. music version featuring 7 lens, which is more small boys in a bocaro than i am prepared to download

"wash blood with blood"

"BUNKA open area"

i just like this pic

"the situation where a fire extinguisher is as smart as a dandy"



"honey and clover club" with subs

another crazy girl song

"want to be a princess"


#3 - immortal flower
by ひとしずくP(hitoshizukuP) & やま△(yama△)

#2 - Rin-chan Nau!
by オワタP(owataP)
holy shit denpa complete with subs its a miracle

#1 was bouquet from last week

i actually liked yogurt's personal pick up this week!

"eazy dance"
by mitchie_m

1 comment:

  1. cigarette burned my fingers, so rapt was i in concentration on the rin-chan nau subs


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