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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

vocaloid tuesday 13 - tap into my wiffle wine aka I CANT BLAST THE REALS!

? miku hard boiled cop "garando"

sado one

"third time winter"

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- Pick-Up --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Rank ⇧47(NEW): えのやっく(enoyakku) | Miku(append: ?) - ドレミファミックス(Full Ver.) | (doremifa mikkusu(Full Ver.) [DoReMiFa Mix(Full Ver.)])

but this is the vid for i guess the non-full version?
im posting this video instead because it seems to be the same enough song but with more happening in the vid

the actual vid sounds way better but whatevs. this is a definite need to watch later with subs.

no personal pick up for yogurt this week!
--- ---- --- ---


cruel clocks

"things like christmas unnecessary"

why cant i get subs on this dammmittttt
Rank ⇧1(8): Miku & Miki & Kaito & Rin & Gumi & Gakupo & Teto - イッシュのポケモン 言えるのか! | (isshu no pokemon ierunoka! [Ish's Pokemon Can Be Said!]) ⑨

back to this week top 3 now

twitter is now subbed!

#1 "headphone actor"

new new vocaloid singer named iA (IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETS-)

producer is じん(自然の敵P)(jin(shizen no tekiP))

..i don't hate her

she is voiced by LIA

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