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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

vocaloid tuesday 11 - ボカロPっていましたよね? | bokaroPtte imashitayone? VocaloidP Was There Right?

about the title - it's a song i can't find subs for!

Sakurae Sumeragi Traffic

#26 came back from the grave!
don't remember if i was posting these at that time, so here it is again, as it was a song i liked

The Endless Cycle Of Rebirth, by hachi

Rin - あぁ、嫌 | (aa, iya [aah, no])

love poetry koiuta (as i made this post youtube changed their embed code thing)

this vid aint much to speak of but its called "the reason i quit guitar"

shion - was that the kid from no.6?


who is ready for MARBLE BRIGHT
by tom

"virtual youth wholesome raising method"

historic pinoccio-p!

and last years #1 SUBBED
po-ka- feisu

oh god otetsu blowing doors down again
"ru-bikku kyu-bu"


jeez these things are getting crazy

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