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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

vocaloid tuesday 12: SECLET SIRENCE / christmas morgue

enjyo coke!

#30 new
secret silence
but the video says otherwise lol

this looks like a continuation of another recent one. which was it though? i remember those checker patterns.

Solipsism code:altered

apparently this song got some new interest, oh the mysteries of the east!
up from rank 87, "Ah, Wonderful Nyan-Life" with subs!

rainbow quest

pickup - rank 61
"moonlight dance"
this might be the weirdest sounding thing ever

howbout a nice sub of THOUSAND SAKURA?
been on the charts for so many weeks it seems

jsut awesome
"polar bear dance"
dammit i have a weeabonor for polar bear stuff now!

bristle heart

BADBYE with subs! aka the song with the crazy snare drum
wow this song is back. i loved it way back. this time sung by rin/len.
the version i had sounds a little better i think. it was miku.
turns out it was #1 in february. right when i was starting out on vocahou! so fond memories!

last year #3 - cassiopeia
still no subs 1 year later hmm.
JEEZ miku could u look any more sad?!! cheer up, you're a robot.

this week #3 ducking amazing
its just called "twitter"

many time's romance

#1 new pinokiyo-p!
dont really like the song!
dont care lol!
"monster universe"

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