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Friday, December 2, 2011

minibosses new album. brass 2: "2 brass 4 u"

brass2mouth is out.

i am happy. this is my 1st time being part of the scene when a minibosses album came out.

i have seen them twice in 2010 i think.
my 1st time was in PHX fir their 10th anniversary show in feb.
i had a fresh broken ankle from the night before. jeez. so much pain and pleasure.
my friends from theshizz took care of me though. i'll never forget that weekend.

my 2nd time was their triumphant return to magfest at the end of that year. what a glorious thing. i was drunk out of my mind and in a daze of awesome.
later that or the next night, aaron from the bosses, colin (ex bosses), stemage (metroid metal), and a 4th man (cant remember who - sorry!) did a secret show in jamspace (RIP) where they covered a cracking selection of failure songs.

this band and what they started is directly responsible for me being who i am today.

can't wait for my vinyl to ship in 2012!

if you are not down with these guys or the video game band/cover/arrangement scene, you should check it out. not even sure where to start anymore. maybe here?

also of note is that tim from the fucking champs produced this album.
the fucking champs are another life changing band worth falling for.

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