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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

vocaloid tuesday 1 (official 1st)

even tho i've posted these b4, i figured i'd start naming them right.

i just noticed these new vocaloid-3 GUMIs popping up. this song i liked.

this song teeters on not staying in my mp3s. so i better post the superb video here to keep it alive in some way.

this one had a crazy sound.

crazy bass. neon video.

OMG need subs for this one ASAP!!
TITLE: "Discriminated Against Fukushima Because Radioactive Substance're Feared But Do Your Best Japan"

feel the red heat

a "hard popping" chip chong song

its called waltz of anomalies but its not a waltz

just found this old one with subs

what a pretty video

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