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Thursday, September 8, 2011

back to the future shoes

been a while since i ranted?

god i wanna be important like the guy who wrote this article. getting this gift pack would make me implode.

air mags. i'm pissed. because i've been wanting shit like this for years. now there will be 1 pair. that everyone has. and then we move on again. fuck off, fashion. just stay in the 80s and we'll all be fine. because I will be fine.

i also remember loving kyle reese's shoes, the 1984 nike vandals

edit: ugh. looks like they clagged on bullshit tchotchkes.
edit: upon further examination i guess the big back thing and the bottom thing were there in the orig. but they too bulky here. the whole shoe looks melty.
also the wiki page for tchotchke rocks! i learned the words gewgaws and lagniappes!

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