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Thursday, September 22, 2011

happy day!

today is very happy.
the  band played a great set last night. we lost the contest but i was still happy kicked ass. the people who won were interesting. it was a tie. the girl (eliza, alisa?) is a very talented songwriter and totally deserves a chance to record her stuff. the other band had  such a huge crew that when it came time for the applause vote, they blew the place's doors down. lol, i guess if you bring that crew to every show, your band will always have an audience.

and  despite getting the light turned out on me sitting on the pot earlier , nico video is now in english!
now i can watch vocaloids and make comments and generally know wtf is going on there!

in celebration i post yuukiss songs again. i love him/her.
this one came out a while back but i only appreciated it recently. yay subs!
also this might be the only male vocaloid i've ever enjoyed

the classic prayer will live. yuukiss give me more!
finally found an english sub! turn annotations on as usual.

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