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Saturday, January 30, 2010

synchronicity 01

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allow me to take u on a journey of a typical day living inside destiny's egg.
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1a. i saw the brenden fraser retard clap thing this week.

1b. i was finishing my 2nd watching of buckaroo banzai with my bagel this morning. i realize now that its not a movie to watch in sessions as the last act is kind of dull.

after the movie finished i wanted a some excitement. on the same disc i burned buckaroo, i noticed none other than ENCINO MAN STARRRING BRENDEN FRASER!
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 i skipped the setup  and watched for about 20min. a huge smile appeared on me.

2a. like encino man, i got cleaned up and was feelin fresh. then did random things.
for some reason i browsed some emulation stuff. and discovered 'sonic championship' aka 'sonic the fighters.' watched vids of that 'jewel...'

i also noticed a game 'rad mobile' existed. vague childhood memories there. i checked the screenshot and it looked like nothing special to try.

2b. i finished watching encino man and very soon the 1st of many scenes played out: where the star of the movie is none other than RAD MOBILE!
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this movie is amzing, btw.funny, charming, and stylish. cool catch phrases. interesting people. not poorly written.  light years better than any feel good movie of now.
reaaly makes me yearn for the 80s or 90s or anything but now. although now will prolly seem more glamorous in 10 years. lame.

check out the cave nug aka sandra hess.

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her 1st role according to imdb. after her 30 seconds in encino, she went on to major b-movie and tv drama activity. she hot, though.

here are some audio clips from the movie. maybe you can imagine the beauty taking place on screen.
some people ask me why i would put audio clips up when i'm talking about a movie.

microwave burrito at the quickie mart

a tender moment

i also played some rad mobile after all this inspiration...

rad mobile features sonic the hedgehog!

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heres some shotties:
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level 2 is really hard.

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