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Thursday, January 21, 2010

brokencyde is actually pretty good

ja i said it.
i am a fan of brokencyde.
i just popped in their latest album again (i'm not a fan...2009) and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
not only that, but i hope they go all the way and that music follows them into the future.
here is a nailgun for you all to use on me.

i am no writer. i can write things with words that sometimes people can read.
this is why i have chosen blog as my medium.
if you are expecting a review here that can stand and be counted with other reviews, and then rebutted or picked apart, you may be let down here.
thompson had gonzo. think of this as skeet.

more after the jump!!

this started last night. i was in a lot of pain after my photon cough has persisted for 4 weeks now. (yea i went to a doctor. there is nothing they can do. bye)
i've been listening to a shit ass nogger ton of vg music. looking for hidden gems. coming up largely empty-handed. thanks konomi you assholes.

so i'm driving along uncomfortably and desperately needing to hear something different. i wanted a shot of something strong. something fresh to break up the monotony of the chore of 'active' listening i had been engrossed in.
i decyded on borkencide and it really hit the spot.

i don't really know why it hits the spot.
its not catchy, except for 'jealousy' kind of.
its not heavy, so i cant get my headbang on.
its not angry, despite the screams which is kind of ironic.
the beats are not hot, no new hip hop producers comin out of here folks.

but the lyrics are charming. i like the many lines like 'you make my pee pee hard.' they bring graphic lyrics down to a level that i can stand. they dont ooz with santorum like other bands that have do pornolyrics. these feel less like an old swinger. less creepy.

many times you will not understand what is being said. there is a constant layer of dirty sreamish stuff that sounds like  gremlins trying to wash your car. but its also cute sounding. as weird as that may be. the scream guy comes off not as intimidating and  aggressive, but loose and fun.
in 'yellow bus,' there is a chorus where basically the only distinguishable word is 'sex' which seems to keep coming to the surface amongst a sea of noisy screams, mumbles, and synths.

what i like about this is that it creates an atmosphere. "i am  young and this is how i am spending my nights. decked out in emo gear. experimenting with my body. the real world seams to be a churning mass with the volume turned to 0. i am drunk. it is dark. there is smoke and neon around. its basically the 80s but dance beats no longer concern me."

dont watch this video. dont listen to brokencyde. the key to this blog entry is that you forget what they actually sound like. i have.

wall of noise. cheese synth brass. club packed full of teen girls like horny sardines.
this is a real old vid. before they got fully decked out emo cuts. and before pHAt-J and MikL had massive pot tits.

i know brokencyde aint that original. or are they?
here is where my music culture disconnect will shine but  influences i can hear are at least:
•lil jon •ludacris •ICP •screamo/hardcore in general.
but i feel like they have taken these things and made them their own.
i am especially proud that the foundation ICP laid for this band is just that. they seem to have left ICP's fans and gimmicks behind for the hillbillies to enjoy.
and as for crunk, brokencyde's take on it is clearly different to me. you dont hear  the impression of a gym full of sweaty guys chanting cryptic catch phrases. and the themes are not as centered around directing dance crazes.
i've never 'felt' crunk music. i can never listen to it deliberately for very long.
but i 'feel'* brokencyde. (*read as willem dafoe as agent smecker)
the name crunkcore may even be doing them a disservice.
because i think they shine in a new way, that is still finding itself.

another thing i really like abou this band, is how much people hate them.
here is an excerpt from a Review of BC13 by: Scott Irvine (01/16/09)
"Music is subjective only until a certain point, kids. Brokencyde is simply an embarrassing gauge of where we are as a society, a disgusting joke, a capitalization on pubescent desires and our oversight for such stale bullshit gaining unreasonable notoriety.

It's not a terrible thing to listen to music your parents would approve of, kids."

there are tons of reviews just like this about brokencyde.
my opinion is that:
•music is infinitely subjective and that
•people should listen to music their parents don't approve of.

the backlash against and panning of this band excites me.
when i see people getting outraged by entertainment that young people seem to be enjoying, it tells me that this is the future. i like futures. they contain lasers at some point.

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