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Monday, January 25, 2010

for me this is special

was at my moms waiting to go to sushi bar to eat my retard rolls.
she was making me wait whilst she tried to hint at my cousin that it might be too soon to marry a dude.

anyhoo, i crept up to my step bro's old room.
got on the computer that we used to play on circa 2001-2004.
a sweet gateway that i had upgraded for gaming. so much great times. painkiller! jedi outcast!  UT2003-2004! farcry! RTCW! AVP 1+2!  i like FPS GAMES!

its all messed up now. endless VM being used. the monitor is burnt out at the top or something.

i had a pretty up to date MAME collection back then. i was proud to have all the games that had cool screenshots. i even used to check the wip and get the new stuff that was 'working' in each release. fun.

more after the jump blah blah

 i jammed a folded up receipt macgyver style into the speaker on-switch to make it stay on so i could hear some sweet fm synth. i wanted to do a shooter. this was when you could sort games by genre which i cant seem to do anymore in the new mames. the 1st game i found was something i had no recollection of. a totally easy and silly game called Bakutotsu Kijuutei! i played a little and got this sweet screen:

From Blogger Pictures

then i remembered something i had lost. a vid i had made that i had really been missing.
luckily a lo-res version still on that drive:

yes i made this. for a class. my 1st real editing adventure. could be  a TON better. but it still makes me laugh.
the girl pictured: one time i head about a guy who did an ECW hand-chant inside her.


  1. ryan! watch me do a dance, then fax me some apple juice. I am afraid that John's guitar has NICE MUSCLE and I find it irresistible so our guitars will be homo together.

  2. there are too many penguins eating lunch shit!
    hi dave!
    that game we were yootoobing, musclemarch, came out sunday and we got to play it after practice.
    HOLLLYYY SHITTT it was grate