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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

new tattoo!

From Blogger Pictures
yea i think someone else has 2a03 but i'm pretty sure they dont have the expansion.
fuck it. i wish everyone had 2a03 anyhows


for those who dont know wtf this means:

i got it done at hysterical tattoo in ellicott  city.
i like it there. but i think the girl at the desk didnt like anything i said.
she was giving me the stink eye harder than i could handle.
can we be friends? cuz i'm coming back.

here is another pic just to show the placement. its over on the right. you can only see a bit going down the arm. but this was a pic that makes me look cool so thats the one i uploaded. CHECK MY VICES!

From Blogger Pictures

these pics were taken in the same room where arnold cut his eyeball out.

the beltway motel!

never stay at a motel by yourself.
i stayed up half the night staring at the fucking door.  and listening.
i had it double barricaded but i was just sitting there sweating and waiting for the thing to just explode and a legion of desperate men to come pouring through.
i tried locking the chain but it fell out.
the door had a sign that said please use nonexistent deadbolt at your convenience. i tried but couldnt cuz it didnt exist.
i even called the cops but then they yelled at me when i didnt believe they were cops and wouldnt come outside.

who are these fucking creepos at motels?
why are they there?
how can they afford it when they dont even have suitcases?  just nasty garbage bags.
are motels the new hideouts for petty criminals and jesse pinkmans?
is it like that place were jesse would always go to fuck that crackho?
how did that work?


  1. That's cool. I'd get a 6581 tattoo but I don't know what revision number I'd put after it.

  2. oooh thanks for that idea. i will be getting a series of sound chip tats! a whole sleeve someday.

    also i want cool composer names like IPPO BUN BUN YUKICHANS PAPA

  3. OK, I was thinking 6581r3 or 6581r4ar then.