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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

vocaloid tuesday week 256 - A New Continuance

thanks to yogurt at vocahou for this week's rankings!
here is the op!

weird!!! and cool

Rank ⇧21(NEW): イヤイヤP(iyaiyaP) | Miku & Luka - 夢詠み | (yumeyomi [Dream Writing])

i heard a cool part but the overall song might be meh
Rank ⇧12(NEW): ぺぺろんP(peperonP) | Gumi & Rin(Append: Sweet?)- ReFraction(リフラクション) | (rifurekushon [ReFraction])

 um does this song go anywhere?
Rank ⇧78(NEW): ひとひとP(hitohitoP) | Miku(append : Sweet?) - 静都市と脈拍 | (sei toshi to myakuhaku [Quiet City And Pulsation])

OK here is something goood.

Rank ⇧5(NEW): ギガP(gigaP) | Gumi - Masked bitcH | (Masked bitcH)

hmm. seems sad enough
Rank ⇧4(NEW): はりー(hari-) | Miku - HEAVEN | (HEAVEN) ②

gumi - dance floor

totally missed this one
rin - beat heart awaken

gakupo dr. realist

miku - fix

---------the end of HIDTORY-------------

yogurts personal pick up has a cool video
Rank ⇧??(NEW): Neru(Neru) | Rin(append: ?) & Len(append: ?) - 再教育 | (saikyouiku [Reeducation])

and finally


Rank ⇧3(NEW): 家の裏でマンボウが死んでるP(ie no urade manbou ga shinderuP) | Gumi - 地底人が見せた抜群の生活感 | (chiteijin ga miseta batsugun no seikatsukan [The Extraordinary Sense of Living That the Subterranean People Displayed])

certtainly awesome and wtf

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