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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

keep an eye on yairi-P

the maker of 
やいり(yairi) | Gumi(Power?) - 心裏×Иavigation | (shinri×Иavigation [Mind×Иavigation])

seems like mind navigation is in a series of songs with -ion words and crazy tight drum stuffs

here they are:




different vocal?

temptation (Love=Temptation)


here is him performing mind navigation and frustration, LIVE??? at something called voca nico night. here is the playlist.

this happened not too many days ago! on 8-25 and 2-26. he closed the 2 day show.
this whole concert is a mindfuck. his rendition of gumi's vocals is an octave lower i guess and he used falsettos for the high notes, yet the execution is one of the most confident and tasteful that i've seen. his band seems to be all amazing session guys with sheet music. and he seems to be a known artist even though nobody talks about him in english on the net. he breaks a string on the 1st friggin song. he wears friggin capris. the whole room is a huge triple screen nico imax showing the comments going across like online. how come every japanese singer is also a standup comedian?

doing his thing
a "screamo arrange" of some song

---dunno why he is tagged in a live vocal version of romantic breaker-----

he is on this album in some capacity

Draw the Emotional ~ Ghost and your heart

(C81) Draw the Emotional ~ Ghost and your heart (no scans) try it

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