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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

vocaloid tuesday 257 - Limitation Grinding Wild Fancy boy

thanks to yogurt at vocahou for doing these rankings
see the original post!

but sugary
Rank ⇧26(NEW): U-ji(霊長類P)(U-ji(reichouruiP)) | Miku(append: ?) - ね・ぎ・ら・う・よっ! | (ne・gi・ra・u・yo! [Ap・pre・ci・a・ted!]) ②

Rank ⇧12(NEW): Neru(Neru) | Rin(append: ?) & Len(append: ?) - 再教育 | (saikyouiku [Reeducation]) ①

 kind of meh songs today so i'll talk about
this song by kikuo has captured my heart since yesterday
the dubstep doesnt turn me off at all!


miku - strobe light

hello worker

cyber thunder cider - orig voc by mizki

--------------end of histore------------

one two fanclub

looks and sounds amazing
also WTF
Rank ±1(1): みきとP(mikitoP) | Miku - 永遠に幸せになる方法、見つけました。 | (eien ni shiawase ni naru houhou, mitsukemashita. [The Way To Become Happy Forever, Has Been Found])

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