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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

vocaloid tuesday 249 - danny glover

here is once again my digestive of actual work done by one yogurt at vocahou!
check it out!

Rank ⇧30(NEW): ぶりるP(buriruP) | Miku - ジレンマ | (jirenma [Dilemma])

 Rank ⇧28(NEW): kous(kous) | Miku(append: ?) - 昨日の食事 | (kinou no shokuji [Yesterday's Meal])

26 is new but whatevs
25 is  huh

this seems fun
Rank ⇧20(NEW): ベインビール(それっぽいP)(benbi-ru(soreppoiP)) | Miku(append: Solid) & Len(append: Power) & Rin(append: Power) - ジャーナル・ジャスティファイ | (ja-naru・jasuthifai [Journal・Justify])

19 is meh

17 is crazy but meh

this one is slightly moving from the sample
standard sadness
Rank ⇧15(NEW): moff(もっふーP)(moff(moffu-P)) | IA - それでも僕は歌を唄う | (soredemo boku wa uta wo utau [And Yet I Still Sings Song])

Rank ⇧67(NEW): colate(colate) | Lapis & Gumi - Just a Word | (Just a Word)

nice looking song and video!
Rank ⇧7(NEW): PolyphonicBranch(PolyphonicBranch) | Gumi - マインドスピーカー | (maindo supi-ka- [Mind Speaker])

video is still but song might move
Rank ⇧6(NEW): ぽわぽわP(powapowaP) | Miku(append: ?) - うたをうたうひと | (uta wo utau hito [Person Who Sings Song])

another decent vid and passable song
Rank ⇧5(NEW): ちゃむ(こなたP)(chamu(konataP)) | Gumi(Power) - 卯月の嘘 | (uzuki no uso [Lie Of April])


here is a cool one i missed last year

#2 unfortunately no subs for Happy End Gretel #1

----------END OF HISTORY!!--------

Rank ⇧3(NEW): てにをは(teniwoha) | Miku - 古書屋敷殺人事件 | (kosho yashiki satsujinjiken [Old Books Mansion Murder Case])

Rank ⇧2(NEW): Nem(Nem) | Len & Rin - 怪盗ピーター&ジェニイ | (kaitou pi-ta-&jenii [Phantom Thief Peter & Jenny])

Rank ⇧1(NEW): 絵師じゃないKEI(eshi janai KEI) | Gumi - 走れ | (hashire [Run])

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