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Friday, July 6, 2012

vocaloid tuesday week 247

thanks to yogurt at vocahou for providing us with these listings!

 here are my picks

Rank ⇧29(NEW): あな兄(ananii) | Miku(append: ?) - e-scape | (e-scape)

awesome - tokyo teddy bear style
 Rank ⇧28(NEW): Maki(偽善者P)(Maki(gizenshaP)) | Miku(append: ?) - | ()

dont know why i know this song already but it says new
Rank ⇧27(NEW): ゆちゃP(yuchaP) | Rin - 空想パレット (Casino! ver.) | (kuusou paretto (Casino! ver.) [Daydream Palette (Casino! ver.)]) ②

lol yes
Rank ⇧26(NEW): テヅカ(teduka) | Rin - 自殺系男子 | (jisatsukei danshi [Suicidal Boy]) ③

..can u believe thousand sakura is still on the top 30?
its really friggin good....

ok again not sure why this song says new. video is just a still pic and it doesnt even say 'xxx version' or 'cover'
Rank ⇧22(NEW): ゆよゆっぺ(yuyoyuppe) | Luka - Baby Maniacs | (Baby Maniacs) ④

 ditto on rank 21!!!
Rank ⇧21(NEW): カベ(kabe) | Len(append: ?) - タイフウデイズ | (taifuu deizu [Typhoon Days]) ⑤

 rank 20 is still Momentary Trip which i still like

ok song so far. not much vid tho
Rank ⇧15(NEW): 8#Prince(八王子P)(8#Prince(hachiojiP)) | Luka - Leia | (Leia) ④

 Rank ⇧14(NEW): やいり(yairi) | Miku(append: ?) & Gumi(?) - 愛戀=Temptation | (airen=Temptation [Love=Temptation])

i just want subs for this damn thing
Rank ⇧13(NEW): ナナホシ管弦楽団(nanahoshi kangengakudan) | Gumi - 0621 | (0621) ⑥

ok song so far. does the vid ever move?
Rank ⇧9(NEW): koyori(電ポルP)(koyori(denporuP)) | Miku - 妄想進化論 | (mousou kinkaron [Phantasm Evolution Theory])

yayy fun vid and song
Rank ⇧8(NEW): Mr.カウパーソン(Mr.kaupa-son) | Rin & Len - てれびぞんび | (terebi zonbi [TV Zombie]) ⑦

lol yes
Rank ⇧7(NEW): さつき が てんこもり(satsuki ga tenkomori) | Miku - 人畜無害 | (jinchikumugai [Harmless To Man And Beast])

the lastest insane cosmo shit. good vid
Rank ⇧6(NEW): cosMo(暴走P)(cosMo(bousouP) | Miku - 電波少女と空想庭園 | (denpa shoujo to kuusou teien [The Radio Girl and the Fantasic Garden]) ①

cool song
Rank ⇧5(NEW): くるりんご(kururingo) | Miku(append: ?) - 泥棒と警備員 | (dorobou to keibiin [Thief And Guard])

Rank ⇧4(NEW): 150P(150P) | IA - 完全犯罪ラブレター | (kanzenhanzai rabureta- [Perfect Crime Love Letter])

Water Burial Catharsis])
Vision Without You]) Skeletal Orchestra And Lilia]) -------------------end of history-----------

good vid
Rank ⇧3(NEW): オワタP(owataP) | Len & Rin - 麻雀中毒 | (ma-jan janki-[Mahjong Junky]) ⑧

of course the pinokioP takes the spot for coolest thing ive seen in a while. good song too.
Rank ⇧2(NEW): ピノキオP(pinokioP) | Miku(append: ?) - ありふれたせかいせいふく | (arifureta sekaiseifuku [A Familiar World Conquest])

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