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Friday, May 4, 2012

let's end retouching.

i was very impressed by the editor in chief's smugness and unwillingness to talk about their doctoring.

it's a sign that we are hitting on something. for the 1st time i see hope that this horrible trend might end. but it's going to take more public outcry against it. what these magazines do is basically a crime against humanity. i feel very strongly about it

i want to end the practice of retouching photos. there should never be any modification to the way someone's body, including the head/face, looks in a published photo. lighting can be fixed, colors balanced, and a big bloody zit could be removed, but nothing beyond that is honest at all. it is weakening our society to project the idea that people can reach barbie doll perfection. this extreme doctoring is creating disgusting abominations out of decent-looking people.
let's boycott it, abolish it, and celebrate the look of real humans.

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