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Thursday, April 19, 2012

vocaloid tuesday 27

enjoy the english annotations for unstable girlfriend

now to my picks for this week
thanks to yogurt at vocahou for this text that i mainly copy/paste these days

cant really hear the song but i like the graphics in the clip so far
Rank ⇧26(48): 藤本 薪(fujimoto maki) | Miku - ムテキノヒーロー | (muteki no hi-ro- [Invincible Hero])

wtf is lapis? this video is amazing
Rank ⇧18(40): ちえP(chieP) | Lapis - 煙に巻けッ! | (kemu ni make! [Befuddled In Smoke!])

wtf just
Rank ⇧15(--): ショミ(般P)(shomi(panP)) | Luka & Miku - iPhoneとVOCALOIDで遊んでみました | (iPhone to VOCALOID de asondemimashita [Played With iPhone And Vocaloid])

w t f
 Rank ⇧11(NEW): [MMD] ざにお(パイパンP)(zanio(paipanP)) | Miku - Hello_World | (Hello_World)

this is just beautiful
 Rank ⇧66(NEW): shalo(shalo) | Miku(append: ?) - 華添え詩 | (kazoeuta [Poem With Additional Floridity])

another sad beauty
Rank ⇧5(10): utml(utml) | Gumi(Whisper?) - 彩愛クレパス | (ayana kurepazu [Ayana Pastel Crayon])

Rank ⇧7(NEW): Dixie Flatline(Dixie Flatline) | Mew - ステラ | (sutera [Stella])

where are the subs for these 
Rank ⇧5(NEW): Miku - butterfly paradox | (butterfly paradox)
 Rank ⇧3(NEW): [MMD] Miku - ラストエフェクト | (rasuto efekuto [Last Effect]) ⑥
Rank ⇧2(39): Rin & Miku - ラストバトル | (rasuto batoru [Last Battle]) ①

Rank ⇧1(NEW): Miku & Rin & Luka & Len & Len(append: Serious?) - SPIRAL GAME | (SPIRAL GAME)

-----end history----
and now the top 3 -or- amazingly produced as usual

Rank ⇧3(NEW): add9(ヘリP)(add9(heriP)) | Miku(append: ?) - 風待ちハローワールド | (kazemachi haro- wa-rudo [Wind Waiting Hello World]) ①

Rank ⇧2(NEW): 石風呂(ishifuro) | IA & Miki - 君はいなせなガール | (kimi wa inasena ga-ru [You're Stylish Girl])

Rank ⇧1(NEW): kemu(kemu) | IA - 六兆年と一夜物語 | (rokuchou nen to ichiya monogatari [Six Trillion Years And A Night's Story])

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