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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

vocaloid tuesday 23 - Malefica, I Lives Too Today.

this week has a lot of new and a lot of awesome. and a lot of bunk, some of which i left off. 2 songs about plainly colored girls? 2 songs about sealife interaction?

my accompanying text is pretty much copied from yogurts weekly post. go thank her at vocahou! 

 vataco(バタパンP)(vataco(batapanP)) | Gumi - Case2ndman | (Case2ndman)

 oh man can't wait for the subs on this next one

 Takebo3(Takebo3) | Miku - ろりこんでよかった~ | (rorikon de yokatta~ [I'm Glad That I'm A Lolicon])

 yuxuki waga(yuxuki waga) | Miku(append: Soft?) - Contrail | (Contrail) ①

i... don't know
 Neru(Neru) | Gumi - 谺、碧海、那由多を見定むアグラフォノスの詩篇 | (kodama, hekikai, nayuta wo mitadamu agurafonosu no sunoshihen [Echo, Azure Sea, Aglaophonos's Psalms That Determines Nayuta]) ①

 ゆずひこ(yuzuhiko) | Miku - トウメイショウジョ | (toumei shoujo [Transparent Girl])

 紅松 弥知(misato kurematsu) | Miku - La Mersonnalité | (La Mersonnalité)
- debut song it is~

 やまじ(チロP)(yamaji(chiroP)) | Len(append: Power?) & Rin(append: Power?) & Len(append: Serious?) & Rin(append: Warm?) & - Astral Domination | (Astral Domination)

 ゴボウメン(goboumen) | IA - 現実的論理主義者 | (genjitsuteki ronri shugisha [Realistical Logicist])

  とんびP(tonbiP) | Miku(append: Dark?) - 単色少女 | (tanshoku shoujo [Monochromatic Girl])

  無力P(muryokuP) | Luka - Sweet Sweet Cendrillon Drug | (Sweet Sweet Cendrillon Drug) ①

cool song and you know i love the design!
 梅とら(umetora) | Luka & Miku(append: Solid?) & Gumi(?) - 一心不乱 | (isshinfuran [Single-Mindedly]) ①

hey you junky!
 カラスヤサボウ(karasuyasabou) | Rin(append: Warm?) - プロパガンダ | (puropaganda [Propaganda])



Rank ⇧3(NEW): ピノキオP(pinokioP) | Rin(append: ?) - レアノ | (rea no [The Rare])

new Dixie Flatline! the maker of "just be friends," which is probably the 1st vocaloid i ever liked in 2009 or so.
Rank ⇧2(NEW): Dixie Flatline | Miku - トリノコシティ | (torinokoshitei [Leave It Behind]) ③

personal pickup is a cover from certain scientific railgun. an anime which i thought was cool but i couldn't get into sadly. back in 2011 when i had a life! (it's sad when you consider having a life as lots of time to watch anime)

also here is something cool

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