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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

vocaloid tuesday 22 - New Scab, Pet Eats It

as usual, check out yogurt's real post at vocahou which i take bits from. thanks.

this be this

Rank ⇧13(NEW): かめりあ(kameria) | Miku - 君が死ぬのを眺めているよ | (kimi ga shinu no wo nagameteiruyo [Staring At Your Death])

Rank ⇧6(NEW): ダルビッシュP(darubisshuP) | Gumi - 5150 | (5150)


cant find sbs
Rank ⇧5(NEW): Len - 男の娘メモラブル | (otoko memoraburu [She-Male Memorable]) ①

oh yea - dead mambo

------------- HISTORIC OVER--------------
ready for beauty??

Rank ⇧3(NEW): OSTER project(OSTER project) | Rin(append: Power?) & Rin(append: Sweet?) - 狐ノ嫁入リ | (kitsune no yomeiri [Fox's Wedding])

wow this one is intersting videowise. i wonder what i can learn about the voca-p process
Rank ⇧2(NEW): 40mP(40mP) | Gumi(Power) - 春に一番近い街 | (haru ni ichiban chikai machi [The Closest Street To Spring])

i guess the subs are gonna pretty important for this one. also lol
Rank ⇧1(NEW): 家の裏でマンボウが死んでるP(ie no urade manbou ga shinderuP) | Gumi - My Colorful Confuse | (My Colorful Confuse)

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