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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

vocaloid tuesday 9

"farewell to my salinger"

i screwed up!
last week a new pinokio-p song came out and i ignored it. oh well, cus it's not the best song. but dammit, he is tattooed on my chest so i have to post it.
"Reminiscence Shabadaba"
p.s. that little doll in the dirt is his mascot.

"rippling waltz"

miku append dark.
"close watch"

"justice breaker"

lol kawaii sugoi
cant wait for subs
"song of salaryman 2011"

bonus: from august. thanks jo!

remind me to get emonloid3 when its out.

we have magenta anime
"nostalgic dream girl"

1 year ago, there was "MagicaRin☆☆☆LOVE♡"
subs annotations in upper left

historic miku in "cat food"
a heavily covered classic w/ hard to read subs

#3 this week
"paradide lucid dream"
looks cool. need damn subs

"a hundred years night travel"

cool design

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