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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

catching up on some vocaloid!

28. 【初音ミク】ストリーミングハート【オリジナル曲】 (#24 last week)
  Producer: DECO*27 | Youtube | Nico Nico

i thought the video was really cool, but the song was meh

i was digging through the pinokiyo youtube channel and found this crazy thing

23. 【GUMI】ラブドール【オリジナル曲】 (#11 last week)
  Producer: DECO*27 | Youtube | Nico Nico

this song was kinda cool. i guess deco always has amazing videos now 

16. 【IA】 独白ヒーロー 【オリジナル】 (NEW)
  Producer: ショウ | Youtube | Nico Nico

need subs on this

14. 【ミク・リン・GUMI】 看板娘の悪巫山戯 【オリジナルMV】 (Previously unranked)
  Producer: 鬱P | Youtube | Nico Nico

holy shit!!

8. 【重音テト】 憂愁ミッドナイトレイン 【オリジナル】 (NEW)
  Producer: nushi | Youtube | Nico Nico

i love how wretched and catchy UTAU can be

6. 【欲音ルコ♂キレ音源】Close to you【UTAUカバー】 (#10 last week)
  Original: niki | Cover: つくえ | Youtube | Nico Nico

so crazy

3. 【UTAUカバー&PV】天樂【欲音ルコ♂キレ音源】 (NEW)
  Original: ゆうゆP | Cover: ドライヤーP | Youtube | Nico Nico

pretty incredible

2. 【欲音ルコ♂キレ音源】ロストワンの号哭【MMD PV/UTAUカバー】 (#1 last week)
  Original: Neru | Cover: いち・にーの・ | Youtube | Nico Nico

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