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Monday, October 1, 2012

vocaloid tuesday 260 - new chinese vocaloid named Luo TianYi

thanks to yogurt at vocahou for compiling these rankings!
check out the post here.
 totaally insane
Rank ⇧30(--): Maki(偽善者P)(Maki(gizenshaP)) | Gumi(Power?) - みんな身勝手 | (minna migatte [Everyone's Selfish])

Rank ⇧28(NEW): デッドボールP(deddobo-ruP) | Luka - Svartalfheim -Full ver.- | (Svartalfheim -Full ver.-)

 LOL ok awesome i guess
Rank ⇧17(NEW): YM(YM) | Gumi(Whisper?) - ネジボルトアリガト | (nejiboruto arigato [Thanks For The Screw Bolt])

i felt bad for this song
but it also gets points for trying to be creepy at the right time for me
new from last week
i await subs
Rank ⇩20(17): 遊(yuu) | Gumi - 悪鬼あざみうた | (akki agimi uta [Evil Spirit Thistle Song])

UTAU. this actually does sound like shit
but its not realistic either
super high j-girl genre. not many like it
uRank ⇧7(NEW): [UTAU] 遥風啓司(haru keiji) | Nana - ぼくらのうた | (bokura no uta [Our Song])

Rank ⇧9(NEW): HoneyWorks(HoneyWorks) | Gumi - SpaceDEV | (SpaceDEV)

this one is kind of growing on me weirdly. i think i already posted a sub
 Rank ⇧8(9): みきとP(mikitoP) | Gumi & Rin - いーあるふぁんくらぶ | (i-aru fan kurabu [One-Two Fan Club])

mainly just the title is cool
Rank ⇧5(NEW): ナナホシ管弦楽団(nanahoshi kangengakudan) | Gumi(Power?) - IMAGINARY LIKE THE JUSTICE | (IMAGINARY LIKE THE JUSTICE)

umm ok cool i guess ARE U SERIOUS HELVETICA
Rank ⇧4(NEW): takamatt(takamatt) | Gumi & Len - ドラゴンライジング | (doragon raijingu [Dragon Rising])

Rank ⇧3(11): つなまる(めざめP)(tsunamaru(mezameP)) | Miku(append: Dark?) - 橙ゲノム | (daidai genomu [Orange Genome])

actual rank 3 - 【IA】夕暮れ蝉日記【オリジナル曲】
and actually quite awesome

1+2 both awesome and worth watching

Rank ⇧2(NEW): buzzG(buzzG) | Gumi - She | (She)

Rank ⇧1(NEW): コウ(kou) | IA - Ib | (Ib) ②

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