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Monday, August 29, 2011

Dropping Off.

To Everyone:

I won't be hanging out for a while. I don't know how long. Maybe very long.

Lately I just haven't been putting the time into music that i should.  I need huge blocks of free evenings and entire weekends to get songs done. It's just how I work. I procrastinate a lot and build up energy, and then I write and record intensely.

These recent months have been super fun. I've had great times with everyone!
I really love you all. You are great friends and I am by no means ending that here. So please don't think I am tired of you or mad. Rather, I need to chronicle how awesome you all are!

I am going back into what I called monk mode this past winter. It lasted maybe 2 months at the most, but I got about 3 songs done which was nice. I want to do better than that now and make a whole album. I also want to practice with my band and start playing shows, to which you are always invited.

I will still be online and on text, so never hesitate to talk. It will always make me happy.


  1. lol i heard that as soon as i typed it..

  2. Hey Sir,

    I do this a lot, except I am terrible at it and half the time I never wind up creating anything cool because I am convinced everybody is mad at me for going off to try and create some stuff.

    So I just want to say to you: be happy, have fun making music, and I'm looking forward to hanging out when you are back! We'll be here.

    -John Booty

  3. I signed in with my Google account so I thought it would say "John Rose" at the top and you'd be like, "Who's THIS asshole?!" Now I feel like a moron for putting "John Booty" at the bottom since it also says that at the top.

  4. i never get comments so i just now saw this!

    i love you man.

    thanks so much.


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