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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ode to bon

my boner is like mc hammer. it grew up in the ghetto and it came out hard.

my boner has been through some very rough spots. robberies, murders, prison. and it didn't always end up on top, either.
indeed, sometimes it took quite a beating.

my boner has been depressed and elated, compressed and inflated. my boner has been legally insane, clinically dead, and permanently damaged from blows to the head.

it's suffered some dark places and rotten faces. it's been boiled and roasted, half-baked and toasted.

not even i am privy to all it has seen, nor am i spared from the trouble it's been.

my boner disappears for weeks at a time, and leaves me to father children not mine.

a tougher skin you'll not find in your days, he'll fill you and drill you with his street scoundrel ways.

he'll smuggle a load in the beauty or busted,
he is ne'er to be trusted farther then he is thrust.

so if you've the gumption to allow he a punction, be sure that your carriage be true.
for despite the extent of your dentata'd she-vent, the bearer of tears shall be you.

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