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Monday, February 14, 2011


my favorites of the current popular vocaloid songs in japan.
hopefully i will be making posts on these weekly as the chart rankings get translated and i digest them to see if anything new pops up that i like.

click engage for the songs:

also i apologize for the artist/producer names that i tried to find translations of. some of them may be outright wrong. but hey, its gonna be a while before i can read kana.

 iroha(sasaki)【鏡音リン】 Shirley!! 【オリジナル】

this song is just catchy.  in fact, a ton of vocaloids are really catchy. and thats what i'm all about.
i think the existence of vocaloid makes it possible for more talented artists to get their stuff out there.
people who may have the divine gift of melody do not necessarily posses networking skills or connections or scenes or even the ability to speak clearly. :)
so now even those handicapped musicians have access to good singers and an outlet for their twisted creations.

 TENKOMORI  さつき が てんこもり - 【初音ミク】オリジナリティ【ごめんなさい】 originality

love this track. i know the style is about as cheezy rave as possible, but it has captured my heart.
i love when the singer goes faster than humanly possible! it makes me feel like i'm in the future. when everybody will need music that fast  or else their minds will get bored.
the idea behind the song is cool too. its a light-hearted commentary on plagarism in the vocaloid scene.
all the lyrics are lifted from classic vocaloid tunes and re-sung in crazy ways to fit.

artist unknown to me!...【Lily・巡音ルカ】白百合籠【おりじなる】Marie-Luise

i was not able to figure out the english title for this producer. help.
this song is a complete gear change from what i thought the style of vocaloids would always be.
i've discovered that vocaloids can come in any style, and with great results.
i wouldn't even know what style to peg this as. but its  fresh, whimsical, quirky and still manages to rock.

YM - juumensou Ten Faced【GUMI】十面相【オリジナル曲PV付き】

i was initially attracted to this song for the chorus melody which just has this awesome darkness. and then to my surprise and delight, the 2nd half speeds up and just kicks off. with super fast vocals flying, and by the time you get to the chorus again, the intensity is quadrupled.

this is the kind of track where i thank vocaloid and the nico nico scene.  the weekly competition gives these artists a goal to produce epic singles. and they have to make them entertaining as hell so they can stand out.
we end up getting treated to risky song writing and sonic adventures that regular bands just cant even touch.

samorira9 ひとしずくP - 【鏡音リン・レンAppend】からくり卍ばーすと【オリジナル】karakuri卍ba-suto Trick卍Burst

just an intense and catchy song.
its a duet. but unlike many of the people in the scene, i really don't care about the "singer." as long as its female.
i don't really enjoy the male vocaloids.

rerulili - 【鏡音リン】炉心融解 roshin yuukai -melt down- JunK Arrange【カヴァー】

so this is a remix of a heavily remixed song.
but this version is currently on the charts and it's my favorite version.
rerulili is making a name for himself in the scene by employing much more realistic instrumentation all around. his band sounds real and his vocaloid "tuning" is a cut above the competition.
some very tasty sounds in here.

bee ハチ【オリジナル曲PV】 パンダヒーロー 【GUMI】PANDA HERO

this song was #1 on the charts when i started keeping up recently. and it stayed there for a while.
its got awesomely frantic music. not the most catchy, but the wildness of it makes up for that.
its got the ska type beat that a lot of vocaloids seems to be gravitating toward. and i like it, although strangely i was never a big ska fan.

so thats my last entry for the night. there are many more interesting songs right now (insane happy set song)
but i have to go to bed now and rest up so i can digest the new rankings in the morning!
check em with me:

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