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Sunday, November 14, 2010

a treatise on the state of the female sex's mental state

having to deal with men all their lives makes women crazy.

we make women crazy. and yet its not any one of our faults. its the collective and total effect of all men.

exposure to penises is like lead poisoning.
all the lead/penis* that women are exposed to in life builds up and forms blockages that make these victims suffer from mental debilitation.
*penis meaning the general actions of man as motivated by said organ

neither one of our sexes will truly be understanding toward the other, because we love our own ways of thinking too much. we are used to our instinctual roles that still subtly motivate all of our decisions.

if we were still in caves it would be no problem. but we have to reconcile these base desires with the society we have created. a society that says we are better than this hunting and breeding. we can be learners and builders of better things.

to return to my main point. we, men, have vague ideas about what women want. but we ignore that in favor of securing what we want. the toxin here is that we are dishonest about it. and often feel like we must trick women into thinking we are what they want when really thats not something we want to be.

EVERY TIME WE APPROACH A WOMAN it is the start of a gross conspiracy. a web of deceit designed to procure the companionship of one of these majestic creatures. and if we are successful with that poison injection, relationship to follow is the dose that brings the woman's brain to lethal levels of toxicity.

needless to say, repeated rounds of this treatment leads to severe neurological disorders in women.
the woman's brain is now warped like a rat who has been through literally thousands of pavlovian experiments.
she wants to trust her instincts, but those have proven wrong time and again. she wants to trust what she's learned, but the men seem to organically mutate new methods like an alien virus. that is because we are natural hunters. and we will cover ourselves in any kind of piss to best our prey.

so how do we save the females? how do we preserve their sanity and subsequently the human race?

we must stop hitting on women. stop initiating conversations. stop pursuing sex and love. this is difficult and seems to go against every fiber of human interaction and procreation. it is indeed drastic, but it is a prescription for desperate times.

but maybe its more natural than we think. 1st of all its easy. you just have to sit back and be yourself. be a man. be the best man. achieve. have fun with other men and form groups. have competition between these groups. this builds character.
be a fully realized man whose concern is not the worry of being a virgin.

you will not be a virgin. in exercising this technique, the women will come to men of their own accord. then the human race can resume its great journey of expansion and universal domination with a clean slate and stronger members.

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