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Thursday, August 19, 2010

TouHou / ZUN ultimate mix for traffic curtain


i worked on this for a  long time.
this is a very difficult series of gst to find the best cuts.
all the songs are good in their own right, but the slammin bunches are not obvious if you are quickly previewing songs. you have to listen to it all to discover the gems.

you dont have to be a fan of this game series to like this music, which is what i used to think.

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despite the staggering amount of remixes and crazy arranges touhou has (looking at you, iosys!) the style is actually very unique.

its a mixture of:
traditional japanese melody
old western movie/mexican style trumpet choruses sometimes being played way higher than their natural range
manic metal/punk drumming that humans cant really do
manic grand piano arpeggios that humans cant really do
zuns special variation on the token japanese vg bassline
effective key changes that really add intensity to parts that repeat
very abrupt sectional changes. an entire song will sometimes do an immense gear shift. i find it amusing when it happens. but he still manages to keep the song together and wind back to the original theme.

this is just the kind of music i would expect from a man with a crazy twinkle in his soul who is never seen without a libation.

i did not include any of the 1st 5 games here which are chiptunes from when the series was on pc-98. they did not fit the aesthetic of this mix. they are still great though.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I have been digging into it and enjoying!